Alternatives to ghostwriting

A look at various forums shows: Academic ghostwriting is booming. Many students do not seem to care if they earn their academic degree in a serious way or not. Bitter! Because apart from how ghostwriting from a purely legal point of view is classified: It is scientific fraud. And of course there are alternatives.

That’s what I care about today. But let’s first take a look at the question of why students engage a ghostwriter at all.

Why students hire ghostwriters

The reasons that cause students to write their thesis, bachelor thesis, master thesis or even their dissertation by a ghostwriter, are diverse and sometimes interwoven:

  • lack of motivation,
  • Excessive workload (literature search, structure, citation rules, etc.),
  • Lack of time, especially if the work is to be written next to job and / or children,
  • bad time planning,
  • Despair,
  • Convenience.

Although it is clear on the homepage of my website that I strictly reject ghostwriting, I always get requests for it. In the cases in which I have been (at least briefly) insight, were despair paired with excessive demands or lack of time coupled with convenience behind it. The despair often stems from the fact that someone was seriously ill or the family situation very difficult and now, despite the adverse circumstances of the desire in the room, the study finally was finally complete.

But no matter what the cause of the ghostwriting wish is: the purpose does not justify the means! And that applies in my eyes, even in the event that someone is seriously ill.

Alternatives to ghostwriting

If comfort makes you think of hiring a ghostwriter, then hops and malt are indeed lost, as we say so beautifully in EU countries. For all other causes I see light on the horizon, because there are different ways to help:

  • reading blogs or guides,
  • a visit to a course on the subject of “scientific work and writing”,
  • working with a (writing) coach or possibly also with a psychologist or a psychologist.

Of course, attending a course costs money, and the support of a writing coach is not free. But ghostwriting also costs money, and lots of it.