Homework writing

Do you want to write your homework?

It’s frightening: According to Keyword Finder, around 1,000 students spend on Google doing homehold chores per month, so they’re looking for a ghostwriter. That it is not legally allowed to spend a work written by a ghostwriter as your own, should be clear to all, why then but this query? Are all students who want to have their homework written by someone else unscrupulous?

Why should somebody else write the homework?

Reasons to look for a ghostwriter

Students who want to have their homework written by someone else are, in my experience, either simply too comfortable or overwhelmed (or both): for the first time writing homework and not knowing how to tackle the project. Others, in turn, have postponed the homework forever. Suddenly the hat is burning and they realize that in the remaining time they will not be able to write the university work themselves.

There are also students who have been given a bad grade on their own homework and are now so frustrated that they do not want to revise the text themselves.

And then there are actually some desperate parents who are looking for a ghostwriter for their children and who also like to pay – terrifying, but true. Last year I received a request from a mother whose daughter was seriously ill for a long time and now the clock ticked due to some defaults of the university: Either the daughter would now graduate or never …

Ghostwriting is not a banal help!

How ghostwriters justify their offer

Ghostwriting agencies classify their work as a simple help.

On ghostwriting agencies’ websites, you’ll find tips like, “We’re offloading you, so you can focus on more important things in your life, and you can focus on pending exams, on your part-time job, and other important things instead of dealing with them to address the question of how to write a term paper. “

In addition, each ghostwriter points out that the work written by him may not be presented 1: 1 at the university or the FH. The work should only serve as a “template”. With this “trick” the ghostwriters shift the responsibility on the students. Just this note on the edge: Who uses a foreign work as a “template”, it must quote this. But ghostwriters of course look away.

Why “let write” is no way

A work that you have not written yourself to spend at a college or university as your own, is punishable – and that’s a good thing!

Ghostriting is unfair to colleagues who write their homework themselves (often struggling neatly).

The scientific work can learn any! There are countless counselors and counseling services, which by the way cost only a fraction of what a ghostwriter demands. In the article stop the scam! I have put together alternatives to Ghostwriting.

The purpose (time pressure, illness, etc.) does not sanctify the means. And yes, anyone who hires a ghostwriter is unscrupulous.

Everyone knows that he has to write homework to complete his studies. And that hurdles emerge is not uncommon. Mastering them is part of the way.

The term paper is followed by the Bachelor’s and / or Master’s thesis

Who writes this work?

Homework is the first small step towards graduation. It is used to practice scientific writing on a small scale. Depending on where a student is currently standing, the bachelor thesis and / or the master thesis are still waiting. Should someone else write then?

If so, it can become really dangerous at the latest, because many technical colleges and universities are now putting a stop to this unclean business by having students defend their thesis. This means: There is a final presentation in which the students have to present their work and are interviewed about it. For example, if you do not know the quoted literature in detail then you have a serious problem!

You want to write your homework yourself and do not progress as well as you planned?

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